Resident Rotations

The following is a listing of the clinical rotations done by Family Medicine residents at Travis Air Force Base Family Medicine Residency. There are 13 4-week blocks per year.

Most of the rotations occur at David Grant Medical Center. A few rotations denoted below take place at other hospitals. The outside rotations add valuable clinical and cultural experience not typically seen at David Grant. Of the outside institutions, one is a large academic center in a metropolitan environment (UCDavis in Sacramento) where we complete some of our emergency medicine and pediatric rotations, with access to a Level 1 trauma center and a renowned children's hospital. Contra Costa Regional Medical Center is in the East Bay area in Martinez, CA and is a well-respected family-medicine run county hospital. Lastly, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA runs one of the largest labor and delivery units in the state, which provides us with obstetric experience far beyond what can be seen in a military training facility. Overall, these opportunities greatly strengthen the overall training and improve the perspective of our residents as it incorporates different populations, hospital systems, EMRs, and most importantly, medical experiences.

Listed below are the current rotations for the 2015-2016 academic year.



Emergency Med (UCDavis): 1 block
Adult Ward Medicine DGMC (inpatient): 2 blocks
Behavioral Medicine: 1 block
Family Medicine (outpatient): 1 block (see below)
Gynecology: 1 block
Obstetrics (at Santa Clara County Medical Center): 1 block
ICU/Cardiology: 1 block
Sports Med/Practice Management: 1 block
Night Float:(2) two week block split by (2) two week block of Family Medicine Outpatient
Pediatrics Clinic: 1 block
Pediatrics Ward (UC Davis): 1 block
Surgery Ward DGMC: 1 block


Dermatology:  1 block
Emergency Medicine (DGMC): 1 block
Family Medicine (outpatient): 1 block
Adult Ward Medicine: 2 blocks
ICU/Cardiology:  1 block
Night Float:  (2) two week blocks split by (2) two week blocks of Family Medicine Outpatient
Gerontology (Yountville Veteran's Homes): Longitudinal throughout year (1) full day every 1st Wed of the month during outpatient/elective months)
Orthopedics: 1 block
Obstetrics (at Santa Clara County Medical Center): 1 blocks
Pediatrics Clinic DGMC (outpatient): 1 block
Pediatrics Nursery Contra Costa County Medical Center Martinez: 1 block
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (UCDavis): 1 block


Practice Management: 1 block
Community Medicine: 1 block
Electives: 3-4 blocks
One required selective block: Internal Med Subspecialty Elective
ENT / Ophthalmology / Urology: 2 blocks (Residents choose which 2)
Family Medicine (outpatient): 1 block
Family Medicine Continuity Clinic:  1 block; (required if resident chooses to do two away elective or longitudinal away elective to ensure minimum 1650 reached; as of AY 2010-11, residents will only be allowed to do 1 away elective)
Gerontology (Yountville Veteran's Homes): One full day per month (10 mos out of the year)
Sports Medicine:  1 block
Aliki Inpatient Team (adult, pediatric and newborn admissions):  1 block
Night Float:  (2) two week block split by (2) two week block of Family Medicine Outpatient



Family Medicine Quote

"Studies reveal that family medicine reduces health care costs and increases health care quality."

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