What is so great about Family Medicine?

Family Medicine is a unique specialty that combines the intrigue of medical mystery solving with the satisfaction of long-term doctor-patient relationships, not to mention full-spectrum cradle-to-grave care. Family medicine promotes the cost-conscious utilization of the latest medical technology and evidence-based treatments without losing touch with what matters most, the patient and their family. In a medical system that is fractured, disjointed, costly, inefficient, and impersonal, Family Medicine strives for something better. As key players in the Patient Centered Medical Home movement, Family Medicine is part of the solution to many of our nation's health care challenges.

Why choose Family Medicine?

Family Medicine Physicians are trained to address the most pressing and most common medical needs of patients without being limited by age or gender. Family Physicians work in outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, on hospital wards and in nursing homes. They deliver babies, they perform minor surgeries and they staff urgent care clinics. Over 80% of patients seen by Family Physicians in outpatient clinics have their medical needs taken care of without requiring referral to a sub-specialist. For those patients who do need sub-specialty care, Family Physicians play a crucial role as coordinators and advocates for their patients.

Satisfied Family Physicians describe the following job attributes as important to them

> Long-term relationships with their patients

> Broad medical knowledge and skill - knowing a lot about a lot

> Seeing a variety of patients and problems

> Flexibility - job opportunities in rural or metropolitan areas, throughout the country

> Training in procedures such as musculoskeletal injections, dermatologic surgeries, colonoscopy

Why NOT Family Medicine?

Family Medicine is not for everyone. Some reasons one might not choose Family Medicine

> Very broad knowledge base - Family Physicians must be comfortable with needing to know a lot about a lot and the life-long learning this requires.

> Not a "people person" - great people skills are a MUST!

> Reimbursement - Family Physicians are well-paid and live comfortably, but few are 'rich.'

Try before you buy...

Military medical students who are considering Family Medicine as a career can get a much better idea of whether or not Family Medicine is for them by coming out to Travis for a rotation. See our "Contact Us" page on this site.


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Family Medicine Quote

"A health system where primary care is the backbone and family doctors are the bedrock delivers the best health outcomes, at the lowest cost, and with the greatest user satisfaction."

Dr Margaret Chan
Director-General of the World Health Organization