Events and Activities

Intern Retreat

Magical days, one at the beginning and one at the end of a grueling first year of hospital work when the intern class is able to kick back with an activity of its choice to let off the veritable “steam” that has built up over the year. Popular destinations in the past have been white water rafting on the raging American River, wine tasting at one…or several of the world class wineries in the area, or hiking at one of the many legendary trails to interact with actual nature instead of the fluorescent lights more often frequented by our staff in the hospital.  This provides a rare opportunity for the class to bond outside of the hospital environment.

Over The Hump Party

An informal opportunity for residents and staff to gather and celebrate being past the half-way point of the academic year, or surviving the first half, depending on perspective!  These parties are usually themed with past themes ranging from "Prom Night" and "Super Heroes" to "Casino Royal" and "Rock Band".   There is typically an auction where staff and residents offer goods and services to raise money for the End of Year Roast.

End of Year Roast

A no holds-barred, tongue-in-cheek final opportunity to recognize and ridicule the graduating class.  But for the sake of fairness the graduating class gets to toss a few parting shots at the staff as well.  Presentations have ranged from skits and puppet shows to live acting and videos.  Nobody forgets those intern mistakes that rear their head again at your graduation roast.  Always a humorous event.

Third Year Retreat

A rare and final opportunity for the entire class to escape the "DEEG" and gather to celebrate the end of residency and reflect on the adventure they have survived together.  The retreats are organized by the class and sometimes include staff.  Most classes head to the coast, mountains, or forest for a weekend with family and friends.



Family Medicine Quote

"As the U.S. struggles to improve health care delivery, it is clear that primary care providers, especially family physicians, are key to a more effective system."

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